How to make an international call using Talking Number

Using Talking Number from your phone is easy

  • 1   Search for the country you want to call
  • 2   Dial the access code listed for calling a landline or a mobile
  • 3   Listen to the message
  • 4   When prompted dial the international dialing code for your destination starting with '00' and then your international number

Here's an example of how to make a call — in this case to Australia

Dial Talking Number access code Wait for the prompt Dial the international dialing code for your country Dial your international number
For Australian landlines:
0844 759 7747
You'll hear a message telling you when to dial your international number For Australia:
00 61

Find my dialing code
For example:
2 9357 7755

That's it, it really is that simple to make cheap international calls from your phone with Talking Number and save money.

How much will I be charged?

Here's an example of call charging for a 20min 30sec call to Australia

Access Charge Talking Number Service Charge Call duration
Total cost of call
Set by your operator
3p/min 00:20:30 Access Charge
+ Service Charge
x number of mins
  • Our indicated price per minute is our service charge per minute, including VAT. Your service provider will charge an additional access charge per minute as per your contract.
  • Individual phone operator policies and tariff plans may vary. If you are unsure please contact your network operator to check their charging policy.

How do I find the international dialing code for my destination?

Please see the list of international dial codes.